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theatre & god?

Made a wonderful discovery today! We were recording the sound effects for our one-act competition piece, and one of them is a bunch of overlapping voices saying the prayer that begins "Hail Mary, full of grace..." and it's going to be really cool and creepy in the show. Anyway, one girl messed up the words, and Biff (our director) says, "Shame! You don't know all of your prayers!"
He was just kidding, don't worry. And I said (also obviously kidding) "What is it, Biff? You have to know your prayers to be in acting II? That's wrong!"

And apparently someone thought I was serious and whispered to him, "She's an atheist!" So he came over, and told me that he is one, too! So now we have our own club- the left-handed-liberal-theatre-atheist club. Which means it's me and him. We have our own handshake. Ah, life is good! But consider the odds...1% of Americans are admitted atheists- a class with twelve people and the teacher and 2 of them pop up. If anyone says theatre people are heathens- it's true.

In other news, we're doing the Laramie Project. That's the show about the gay student, Matt Shepard, who was beaten and left to die in Laramie Wyoming. It's good stuff. While we are editing the language, the administration still has concerns about content, so I really hope it pisses our stupid conservative town off. How dare we recognize gays as people, too. My tenth grade english teacher (who was the most ignorant and clueless teacher I've ever had) told a girl in the show that she "doesn't approve" of it, without giving a reason. LAME! Anyway...sorry for the rant! peace.
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