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To the Falwellites of my Time

Hi, I'm Liz. I only just became an Atheist late last school year summertime period after being agnostic for a long time and researching other religions, and I'm a little more than open about what I believe. I go to school with the knittingninja down in Falwell town so I've gotten some heat from even my good friends about it, but I'm not about to change cus some brainwashed teens are scared for my immortal immortal soul, you can't have it. I'm joining this to have an outlet to scream and listen to other people. Anywho, I'm sickeningly openminded to the point I will fight against my friends for something I don't really believe just so that the person I'm arguing for has the right to believe what they want to. (Yeah I got that from Mr. P) I enjoy learning about religion and sharing mine. I'll never tell someone that they are stupid for what they believe, but I will probably tear open every hole in their belief if given the chance. I am Atheist, but I don't really let it rule my life because part of my reason for believing in the absense of a god is so that I can run my life on my terms. I'm not really sure as to why I'm Atheist other than the fact that the majority of religions drive me crazy with their man-made rituals, unprovable claims of the holy men,(yeah, men...I'm kinda a feminist too, but not the the extreme that I hate all men), and missions to save the hethans. Anywho, I love debating just about anything. I'm pro-almost everything, abortion, gay rights, freedom of speech and expression, and I will probably support your decision to walk around in public naked if you truly believe it is right - not just to be pervy. I'm a theater and writing geek (Techies rule). And of course an Atheist.
(I am liable for any offences in this statement. If you are offended by this, the door is that way, thank you and have a good day)
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